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Flavor Menus

Let's try something new and different shall we?

Our goal is to WOW your guests with something they have never experienced or tasted before!

Have a look around and if you have a custom request, just give us a call.

Snow Cone Syrup Flavors


Blue Raspberry                                                       

Sweet Cherry                                                            



Bubble Gum                                                          



Sweet Beer Syrup


Lemon Beam

Aloha Hawaii

Banana Yo Bizness

Black Cherry Thriller

Bubble Trouble

SUGAR FREE - Sweetened with Sucralose        

Unicorn (Raspberry, cotton candy & creamy frosting)

Cotton Candy

Blue Mermaid 

Dragon Fruit 

Blueberry Lavender

Meyer Lemon Raspberry

Fresh Strawberry

Lemon Elderflower

Georgia Peach

Cookie Dough

Belgian Cookie


Pickle Juice

SKINNY DRINK MIXERS - Add $1 per guest

Lime Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

Strawberry Key Lime Margarita

Jalapeno Margarita

Peach Bellini

Pina Colada


Certified Organic - Reduced organic fruits, distilled water and raw organic beet sugar - Add $2 per guest



Black Berry





Myers Lemon


Garnish Buffet for Guest $200 ($1 per guest)  - fresh fruits, maraschino cherries , colorful candies, sprinkles, salts, & whipped toppings. Matching straws, napkins and spoons included.

Bar Garnishes $150 - Boozy snow cone served with custom fruit and vegetable garnishes matching the flavor and color on high-end picks.


Colored Sugar Edge Rimming - Extra $75 for 200 guests (Not available on paper cones) 

Colored Salt Edge Rimming - Extra $75 for 200 guests

Boozy Shot Squeeze Droppers (Alcohol provided by client) $1 per shot

Server adds at the time of service. Flavors and spirits customized to client selection.

Upgraded Containers

Clear or colored cups - $ .25 - $2 each

Disposable waxed cups - Add $60 per 200 guests (Larger container)

Plastic flower cones - Add $60 per 200 guests

Clear disposable cups- Add $20

High-end disposable glasses  - $1 - $2 each

High-end disposable bowls - $1 - $2 each

Lollipop spoons - $1 each 


STANDARD DELIGHT $5 per cone or bag  (Contains Soy)

Pink Vanilla

Pink Bubblegum

Blue Raspberry

Sassy Green Apple

Fuchsia Watermelon

White Pina Colada

Birthday Cake

Purple Grape


Beer Bash

Bacon Bomb

Coffee Cloud

Chocolate Dream

Root Beer

Angel's Hair Butterscotch

Peppermint Joy


ORGANIC - Add $3 per cone

Your choice of Beet Sugar or Pure Cane Raw Sugar

(Same Day) 



All other flavors available next day

CUSTOM ORDER COMBOS - $10 per cone or bag

Peanut Butter & Chocolate

Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly

Bubble Gum & Blue Raspberry

Peaches & Cream

Strawberries and Cream

Coffee and Cream

Maple and Pancake

Root Beer Float



Sprinkles $2 - Added to cake, arrangement or cone

Salty Toppers $3 for 1.5 oz. Shaker - Lime, pickle, chili lime, mango chili &lemon lime available

Edible Glitter $3- Flavorless sparkle added to you cake, arrangement or cone 

Cotton Candy Flower or Custom Shape $5 each

Pistachio Nuts $2 added to cake, arrangement, cone or on the side

Airbrushed Logo - Estimated $1 - 5  each- Call for quote


Light up sticks $4 -$5 each

Decorative Cones $  .25 each

Balloon Arrangement - $20 per half dozen

Cards $1

Greeting Cards $3

We love new ideas! Don't dream it, eat it. Custom order and we will make it happen.

Event Service
Live Cotton Candy Spinning - Unlimited Cotton Candy cones for 200 guests, 2 flavors for 2 hours. Packages includes station set-up and removal, Travis County Temporary Food Permit ($52), pop up tent station, old fashion cart with umbrella or custom set up and 2 servers.
Starting at $500 
Topping Buffet for guests starting at $200
Favors Starting at $3 each
Cotton Candy Cakes 9" Round - $34
Mini Cakes 6" Round $17
Cotton Candy Drink Garnish Packages - Call for quote
Cotton Candy Event Display - Call for quote

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